Engraved Stones Rock!


Rocks and Stones have long held a fascination for mankind rivaled by few other things in nature. Gemstones posses amazing beauty, like holding the glitter of the stars in the plam of your hand. Rock was one of the most valuable objects for the early tool using society, with a strength, hardness, and durability that far exceeded the competition of the era.

Minerals have even found a place in the arts. While not possessed of the same color as a painting, the hues seen in stone have their own beauty. And unlike a painting, rock allowed building artwork that existed in 3 dimensions instead of just 2. The strength of stone also allowed the creation of sculptures and statues in ways that could not be attempted before, and its durability meant that these beautiful pieces of art have already lasted for centuries and promise to be around for many more.

Even now Humanity still places great value in stone. Our love for precious gems has never faded, and while the value of rock as a tool has gone down, its desirability as an ornament has increased. Many of our most beautiful structures include breath-taking marble features, alluring granite surfaces, and beautiful river rock and slate walls.

Etch Graphics has continued this tradition of beautiful stone work. We use engraving techniques to embed beautiful images right into the rocks in a way that will leave the piece clear and beautiful years down the road.

Engraved stones have many uses, as nearly any special occasion can be memorialized in an engraved rock. Nor do you need a special occasion to purchase one of our exceptional stones. Engravings can be used around the house as well, with a stone sitting on the front step to welcome guests, sitting on a center table as a conversation piece, or on the mantle as a work of art to be admired. With tens of thousands of different images to choose from and every stone having its own individual character, each engraved rock or stone is a unique piece of art.

Etched Graphics invites you to browse through our many samples. We feel confident you will not find our selection lacking, and should you choose to purchase one of our beautiful pieces you will not be disappointed. Remember we #loverocks and creating a special custom engraved rock for you is our mission.